Course Outline

Humanities: Drama (1/3 semester) & Humanities: Visual Art (1/3 semester)

Pinewood requires a semester-long Freshman arts course called Humanities in addition to the year-long VPA requirement. Humanities introduces students to six weeks each of music, drama and visual art, with each of the three disciplines taught by a specializing teacher. After Humanities, students move immediately into their chosen VPA track the following semester: Music, Drama or Visual Art.

Humanities: Music starts with a week of music fundamentals. Then we launch into five weeks of Western music history and analysis, chronologically studying the Early Music, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods.

VPA Music students then continue with Music Fundamentals, which starts with five weeks of music fundamentals and theory. This is followed by three weeks studying instruments and orchestration. After this comes five weeks of more advanced music fundamentals and theory. At this point students have developed the skills to analyze and comprehend all basic aspects of a musical creation. We apply those skills in the next four weeks of the course by analyzing the history and fundamentals of Contemporary Western popular music. Finally, we review and assess what we've learned the last week of the course.



Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Pop Goes The Music  Contemporary popular song structure No Doubt Just A Girl Structure Listening Assignment
You Got Rhythm Rhythm Various Various Rhythm Listening Assignment
Melody For Your Maladies Melody / Harmony Various Various Melody & Harmony Listening Assignment
Live In Harmony Harmony / Texture Various Various Young Punks' Guide Listening Assignment
Sound Advice Instruments Cullinan & Britten The Young Punks' Guide To The Orchestra Orestes Listening Assignment


Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Ancient Geeks Early Music Period / Music Of Ancient Greece Anonymous Orestes: Stasimon Chorus Chant Listening Assignment
Monophonous Monks Medieval Chant Anonymous Mass For The Dead: Day Of Judgment Vitry Listening Assignment
Da Bossa De Nova! (A Pain In The Ars...) Polyphony / Ars Nova / Isorhythmic Motet Vitry Roman De Fauvel Palestrina Listening Assignment
Polyphony Pleases The Pontiff Renaissance / Choral Music / Sacred Music / Homophony Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass: Gloria Handel Listening Assignment


Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Double-Stuffed Oratorio Baroque Period / Textural Development & Variety Handel Messiah: Hallelujah Chorus Bach Listening Assignment
Pass The Melody Fugue / Baroque Organ / Instrumental Music Bach Toccata & Fugue In D Minor Vivaldi Listening Assignment
The Rad Priest Baroque Concerto / Multi-Movement Works Vivaldi Lute Concerto In D Major Purcell Listening Assignment
If It Ain't Baroque... Baroque Opera Purcell Dido & Aeneas: When I Am Laid In Earth Study For Music Midterm
Oh Know! Midterm Jeapardy All Of The Above All Of The Above Study For Music Midterm
Punk Torture Music Midterm All Of The Above All Of The Above Haydn Listening Assignment


Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Papa Haydn's Big Head Classical Period / String Quartet / Sonata Form Haydn "Sunrise" Quartet In Bb Major: Movement 1 Mozart Listening Assignment
Rock Me Amadeus! Classical Concerto / Fortepiano / Classical Homophony Mozart Piano Concerto #20: Movement 1 Liebmann Listening Assignment
What? A Man's Job??? Female Composers / Theme & Variations / Chamber Music Liebmann Grand Sonata For Cello & Harpsichord: Movement 3 Beethoven Listening Assignment
We Have A Motive Symphony / Sonata Form Beethoven Symphony #5: Movement 1 Berlioz Listening Assignment


Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Hector Has A Weird Dream Romantic Period / Program Music / Rebellion / Orchestration Berlioz Fantastic Symphony: Movement 5 Schumann Listening Assignment
Name That Tune! Piano Character Pieces / Lieder Robert & Clara Schumann Carnival: Butterflies, Harlequin, Chopin / Lorelei, Ah Pain! Arias Listening Assignment
Holler For Dollars Romantic Opera / Divas / Arias Bizet / Puccini / Gilbert & Sullivan Carmen: Habanera / Turandot: Nessun Dorma / The Pirates Of Penzance: I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General Debussy Listening Assignment
Impressed With Impressionism? Impressionism & The Road To Modernity Debussy The Sea: Movement 2 Stravinsky Listening Assignment


Lecture Subject(s) Composer(s) Piece(s) Homework
Really Riotous Rhythm Contemporary Period / Rhythmic & Harmonic Shakedown! Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring: Selections Jazz Listening Assignment
Ignore The Score Jazz / Improvisation / Swing / Theme & Variations Gershwin They Can't Take That Away From Me Williams Listening Assignment
Modern Program Music Film Music / Representative Themes Williams Star Wars Soundtrack: Selections Study For Final
Model Modern Musicologists Final Jeapardy Cullinan & Sullivan I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Musicologist Study For Final
Demystifying Excellence & The Power Of Purpose Finding Your Purpose & Maximizing Your Potential Cullinan In The Doorway, Bright In Your Ways, Something (For Janette) Study For Final
Active Listeners Talk Back! Music Final All Of The Above All Of The Above Be An Open-Minded Active Listener